August 2017 Newsletter


“There is a time for everything…”  Ecclesiastes

It is almost the end of summer.  As I look back it has been a summer of extremes.  There have been tremendous joys and sadness.

We have this past month seen the Lord take home two of our matriarchs in our church, Miss Shirley and Miss Eloise.  Both of these women were Godly examples to us all and their presence will be sorely missed.  It is a great sadness but also a joy knowing that both of them are enjoying the bliss of heaven and are fellowshipping with family and one another right now.

The Harvest Crusade was a tremendous success.  There were 2,904 decisions for Christ and with the simulcasts the total rose to 3,830 decisions with 494 decisions online.  Praise God!

Our VBS was a success too!  Thank you to all who took part in it!  Of course we always like more people attend but we had 5 decisions for Jesus and in the next two months we will be baptizing those who followed Christ.  God is good, ALL the time!  ALL the time, God is good!

I encourage you to take time this week to pray for a person to come into your life that needs to know Jesus.  Then at the right time, share the gospel with them.  Let’s continue to grow the Kingdom and WGBC.


This humorous illustration of how not to get along at college also demonstrates Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 7:3-5.

A young man from Scotland went to study at an English university. A month into the school year, his mother visited and asked how he liked living in the dorm. “It’s awful!” he exclaimed. “The fellow in the room next door bangs his head on the wall constantly, and the one on the other side screams all day.”

“How do you stand it?” his mother asked in amazement.

“Oh, I ignore them,” her son replied. “I just sit here quietly, playing my bagpipes.”


Jacob had two wives, two concubines (his wives’ maids), 12 sons and one daughter. Who gave birth to the daughter, Dinah?

A. Zilpah
B. Bilhah
C. Leah
D. Rachel

It’s time to get back into the habit of slowing down around schools.  School zone speed limits are absolute.  To help you out, here are when the districts around WGBC begin:

Cartwright Elementary ~ August 8

Glendale Elementary ~ August 7

Peoria Unified ~ August 9

Phoenix Union HSD ~ August 7

Glendale Union HSD ~ August 7

If you regularly drive in other school districts, please go to the district website and check their calendar for start dates.  Remember, kids don’t think to watch for cars, so we drivers need to watch for kids.

Ladies 18 and older are invited to attend our quarterly Ladies Night Out on Tuesday, August 8.  We will meet at 6:30 at Arriba’s, located at 17211 N 79th Ave in Glendale.  To ensure seating for all, please sign up on the sheet on the bulletin board or contact the church office.  This is a wonderful time of fellowship for the ladies of WGBC.  Each lady pay for herself.  The average meal is around $15.00.  See Cris M. with any questions.

The pastors and staff of WGBC wish all those celebrating a birthday or anniversary in August a very blessed day.


~ Romans 6:23 ~

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

~ Romans 6:23 ~


Ladies, it’s time to register for our Retreat at Prescott Pines Camp.  There is a sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board in the Sanctuary to aid in choosing roommates and coordinate rides.  Prescott Pines is offering 2 weekends to choose from: September 8-10 and September 15-27.  The cost is $125.00, covering meals and sleeping quarters.  You can register and pay at


In 2 Kings 7, a great siege is lifted when God causes the Arameans, Israel’s enemies, to flee. Initially, some lepers at the city gate keep the victory quiet, hiding the spoils of war. Then they realize, “What we’re doing is not right. This is a day of good news and we are keeping it to ourselves” (verse 9, NIV).

How often we keep the good news of God’s grace and salvation to ourselves! Yet it’s intended for everyone, and there’s plenty to go around. In fact, it never ends. Who in your life needs to hear that news today?


In World War II, bombs destroyed a church in Strasbourg, France. As parishioners cleared the rubble, they discovered a statue of Jesus that was now missing both hands.

A visiting sculptor later offered to make repairs, but church members declined, saying Christ “has no hands to minister to the needy or feed the hungry or enrich the poor — except our hands. He inspires. We perform.”

St. Teresa of Avila wrote:

Christ has no body but yours;
no hands, no feet on earth but yours.
Yours are the eyes with which he looks
compassion on this world.
Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good.
Yours are the hands with which he blesses all the world.
Yours are the hands, yours are the feet,
yours are the eyes, you are his body.
Christ has no body now but yours.


A new school year promises new adventures, challenges and friends — as well as new classes, homework and lessons. But the most important (and simplest) lesson we can learn is summed up by 19th-century hymn writer Jane Eliza Leeson:

Savior, teach me day by day
love’s sweet lesson to obey,
sweeter lesson cannot be,
loving him who first loved me.

From Your Education Director

by Deb Jones

Do you love to learn?  I do!  I love to learn something new every day.  When I wake up I want to begin my day by reading the Scriptures and taking time for prayer and meditation.  Through reading the Word, I usually learn something new about the passage or the Lord shows me something I didn’t notice before.  Please make a point to get into Bible reading each day, even if it is just one verse.  I have the Bible on my phone and there is an app for Daily Bible Reading that is free.  This brings the Word to my fingertips no matter where I am.  This is personal Bible Study which is very important.  Just as important is corporate Bible Study in a class at church.  I would like to invite you to join us at WGBC for our Bible Study hour from 9:30-10:30 each Sunday morning.  Giving just one hour of your life each week to attend a structured Bible Study will help you grow in your Biblical knowledge, get help with your questions, and give you a time of fellowship with others.

I work with the children on Wednesday nights through our Gospel Kids program.  We are teaching and training our children with Bible Study and practical application of how to behave wherever we go.  We practice how to act in “Big Church.”  Here is an example: When you pay money and go to the movies do you want to get up to use the restroom or get more snacks and miss the movie?  The answer from the children is “NO!”  Their reasoning is: why would you miss the movie you paid to see?  Take care of the restroom needs before the show starts, get the snacks in plenty of time so you are ready to really enjoy the movie.  The same applies to attending our Worship Service; use the restroom ahead of time, get a drink or water, and enjoy that candy treat you were offered as you arrived to the building.  Our worship service rarely lasts over an hour, a movie always lasts more than an hour.  Can you make it a habit to give our Lord God Almighty that hour with your undivided attention?  Let’s work to stay in the sanctuary and not miss anything the Lord has in store for us.  Now, I know, sometimes there are emergencies and you must quickly leave and then return.  Of course, please take care of what you need to do.  We come to worship and praise the Lord!  Let’s work on giving Him our best!


Beginning Tuesday, August 1, 2017, at 6:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall, David B. will facilitate the O.G.R.E.’s & W.I.R.E.’s on the Truth Project study with Dr. Del Tackett on video.  This is a wonderful study for youth and adults on having a Christian World View will be facilitated by David B.  If you have not studied this series before, you are greatly encouraged to take an evening a week and go through this study.  Study notes and outlines accompany the video lessons.  For more information, see Rick J.


Sunday Bible Study for All Ages ~  9:30 am

Sunday Worship ~ 10:45 am

Wednesday Gospel Kids ~ 6:30 pm

Wednesday Youth Bible Study ~ 6:30 pm

Wednesday Adult Bible Study ~ 6:30 pm


August Wednesdays

Gospel Kids Discipleship

6:30 pm


Ladies Night Out

Arriba’s at Arrowhead

August 8 ~ 6:30 pm


Diamondbacks Faith & Family Night

Vs. San Francisco Giants

Newsboys in concert

August 25 ~ 6:30 pm

BIBLE QUIZ ANSWER:  C (See Genesis 30:19-21.)